March is Phoenix Month

Not really. But it might seem that way. I have one phoenix in a charity exhibit this month (through April 11th) and another in a contest for a chance to be exhibited at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. 1. Phoenix Fire for the 2014 TwitterArtExhibit in Orlando, FL –>   All of the artworks for the […]

March Art Print Giveaway

Because I promised. I’ve decided to go back to using Rafflecopter. We had a ton of entries last month from folks who were not fans of my Facebook Page. You can imagine what it was like for me combing through 3,000+ names to see if they had Liked my page. I won’t be doing that […]

February Daily Sketches

As promised there are many more sketches this month, more than I thought possible with how busy I’ve been in the studio. Don’t forget you can see these daily if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I decided to include two digital sketches (the last two at the bottom). I won’t always do that, but these were important […]