New Originals and Prints in my Shop

The remaining prints from the Dragon Con print shop are now available to purchase on Etsy. I’m selling them at the convention price but only shipping within the US for these. Some of these are in limited supply, like Spirit Guardian (the wolf) and Fly Fast (the owl). Get them while you can!

Dragon Con Prints

Also available are two original watercolor paintings, both framed. You can find them in the Framed Art section.

Last, I finally (sorry it took me so long!) got around to listing the limited edition prints of The Run. This is a full-size version of my nature fantasy painting. It measures 12 x 17 inches and includes a 1 inch border.


Phoenix Fire for the 2014 TwitterArtExhibit

Phoenix Fire by Amanda Makepeace

This fiery fellow is for the 2014 TwitterArtExhibit in Orlando. The charity event will raise funds for The Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes. All of the artwork for the exhibit is postcard size, 4×6 inches, and will be available to purchase for $35.00 each. Opening night is March 20th from 6-9 p.m. The exhibit will run from March 20th to April 11th at CityArts Factory, Magic Gallery.

I won’t be able to make it down to Florida for the exhibit, but if you’re in the area I hope you enjoy the show! Take a look at http://twitterartexhibit.org for a peek at the incredible art being donated for this cause.

TwitterArtExhibit 2014

The Alpacas are Coming

There are nine days left to contribute to Bringing Home the Herd on IndieGoGo! Get thee clicking!! When you make a contribution of $75 you get one of these original watercolor ACEOs (text will not appear on actual painting):

If $75 is not in your budget consider $20; which will get you a pack of notecards featuring the alpacas I painted above. ;)


Bringing Home the Herd

I’m working on a small commission of six ACEOs for a very special IndieGoGo campaign. Bring Home the Herd seeks to move a herd of Suri Alpacas to a new home at Old Cedar Knoll Farm, in Central Virginia. The campaign is run by Beth Beal (and family). Beth was a generous contributor to my own IndieGoGo campaign last year. Here’s a video she created for the campaign:

Bringing Home the Herd! from Beth Beal on Vimeo.

And here are two of the six ACEOs I’ve painted so far:


The ACEOs are part of the perks scheme. When you contribute $75 you get one of these watercolor illustrations. When you contribute $20 you get a pack of note cards printed from the original ACEOs. My paintings are only part of the campaign. There are other donation schemes and perks, like a bird nesting kit, a hand knitted alpaca hat, etc.

I hope you will consider making a contribution! :)